The name A-RO-VA says it all “All ROtary VAlves”.
Arova manufactures, repairs and improves locks of all brands.

When developing new Arova locks, quality and sustainability are paramount. The Arova range combines standard installation dimensions, a unique geometry and the best techniques with regard to each system.

When repairing locks, the largest defect is automatically determined according to the application. In addition, an old lock has a lot of knowledge. The repair is adjusted on the basis of the wear pattern to achieve a sustainable result. Thanks to our many years of experience in the repair of locks, we have already been able to carry out many different maintenance works. With this knowledge, it is therefore possible for us to continue to improve and innovate.

For example, a common mistake is using the wrong kind of lock according to its application. Numerous constructions have already been modified by us for improvement, of course in accordance with the specific applications: yields have improved, service lives have increased, … The constant win/win is still our greatest asset.




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