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Development and engineering:
Our in-house engineering department has expertise in strength and power calculation. We ensure that your wishes are translated into 3D overviews and detailed drawings. We use the engineering software HiCAD and Inventor. We can also make a 3D scan on location, which is performed in collaboration with various specialized partners. This can drastically reduce engineering time in certain cases. All designs furthermore comply with the applicable European machine guidelines regarding safety and CE. During the process, one or more moments are scheduled during which you as a customer are invited to our office, to view the progress while enjoying a cup of coffee and possibly processing your feedback.

Sales and advice:
In the first instance, this is about trust and translating your wishes into a suitable quotation/order.

Our people from the sales department guarantee that your company receives a correct, detailed and tailored quotation in the first stage. They also ensure that you as a customer, from your introduction to our company, through all phases of the design, production, and assembly process, are constantly informed by the right skilled people. Communication & listening to our customers is our top priority!

Production and construction:
Since we have the right infrastructure, machines, and professionals, all projects, no matter how small or large they may be, are finished on time and down to the last detail and delivered to the customer exactly to size and possibly mounted.

Installations can be manufactured in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or special food-approved materials. With regard to the treatment of your installation, we work closely with a number of experienced companies. You can have your installation blasted, coated (in a RAL color of your choice), electroplating, powder coating, pearl blasting, pickling, or passivation.

Transport and assembly:
As soon as the installation is ready, it will be brought to your company in its entirety, or in parts with our own truck, or by a specialized company for installation and/or assembly. After this, our technicians are ready to assemble the installation on site in the shortest possible time and extremely efficiently at your company and possibly adapt it to existing installations. They have service buses equipped with the necessary materials for this.

Service and maintenance:
After the completion of a project, however, we will not leave you, as a customer, out in the cold and you can always rely on our skilled employees for obtaining information, guidelines, parts, and other matters.

Our 24-hour service ensures that you are always assisted or advised in an effective and efficient manner in the event of problems with your installation.

With our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of transport systems, we can also guarantee the maintenance and inspection of existing transport systems.

The fact that we develop and build new systems ourselves can also be helpful in tackling existing problems.

De Regt Conveyor Systems is your partner for:

Design and 3d engineering
Turn-key projects
Mobile and static conveyors
Chain conveyors
Roller conveyors
Stock, discharge, and weighing hoppers
Platforms and stairs
Supporting structures
Assembly and maintenance



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