Entecon International BV


Entecon’s dedicated and loyal team of specialists provides solutions to the powder handling, processing and conveying industry.

Entecon do supply equipment and/or project manage full Turnkey Systems requiring;
1. Conveyors
– Aero mechanical conveying,
– Vacuum conveying,
– Rigid Screw conveyors,
– Flexible screw conveyors,

2. Sack openers,
Manual sack tip stations
Automatic Sack Openers

3. Feeders
Volumetric dosing
Loss-in weight

4. Big Bag Discharge systems
Hoist operated
Fork Lift Truck operated

5. Big Bag Filling Stations
The full range of Entecon equipment is designed to CE machinery directives and supporting standards, ensuring long working life with minimal maintenance.
For hazardous environments, ATEX certification will be supplied.

The team at Entecon has over 55 years of expertise and knowledge acquired within the powder handling industry and thrives at being the technological market leaders.




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