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Eskens Benelux is located in Mechelen and acts as an agent for a number of German and Swiss machine manufacturers. With our sales and technical department, we supervise the purchase process of the machine for our customers, help with the organization of installation and commissioning, and provide after-sales service. For this we have a local parts warehouse and experienced technicians who are deployed for preventive maintenance, updating old machines and emergency repairs in case of technical problems.
The manufacturers we represent are:
A Swiss machine manufacturer that is mainly known for the DYNO-MILL grinders and the TURBULA mixers.
TURBULA mixers are devices for homogeneous mixing of dry products or dry products and liquids, in a closed container, quickly and efficiently. The Turbula T2 in particular is well known as an efficient lab mixer.
DYNO-MILL mills are machines for dispersing and comminuting particles in a liquid. They can be used in a process from barrel to barrel or in a recirculation process in one barrel or silo. These machines are often used in the production of paints, coatings and inks, but also in the production of vaccines, for breaking open cell walls of algae or in the production of soil improvers or fungicides.
In addition to being an agent, Eskens is also the 100% service partner for this manufacturer

This company from Paderborn mainly produces horizontal mixers in all possible variants. Mixers for batch processes or for continuous processes, with double wall for cooling or heating, with built-in high shear mixers, with special coatings and adapted inlet or outlet. Machines for various processes such as mixing, drying, granulating or coating, but also as reactor or single pot solutions. They make lab mixers from 2 liters to continuous mixers up to 55,000 liters, and all their machines are customized to customer specifications.

In Melle, Germany, this manufacturer builds the best Kreis dissolvers in the world. Robust and reliable mixers for dispersing powders in water or a chemical liquid. Also butterfly dissolvers products with a very high viscosity and basket mill grinders are part of their range.
Eskens is also an agent and 100% service partner for this manufacturer

Rhewum is a German manufacturer of screening machines. They produce a number of basic types that are adapted to the nature of the product to be screened and the volumes that the customer wishes to process. Rhewum mainly specializes in sieving and classifying fine to semi-fine bulk goods in large volumes. For this they use machines set up at an angle, the housing of which is static … only the screen cloth is set in motion, so that no dynamic forces are transferred to the building. With their horizontal sieves, up to 12 fractions can be obtained in one run.

Like Müller Processing, Müller Drumtec is part of the Müller group. They mainly make stainless steel drums, valves and funnels in various sizes and models. Due to the nature of their products, they mainly focus on the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics and food industry and fine chemistry.
This company specializes in the production of lifting columns, industrial cGMP washing machines and transport systems for the pharmaceutical sector.

This German manufacturer makes two types of machines:
 Washing installations for 200 liter drums and large production tubs
 Distillation units for reusing the wax solvents
In addition to being an agent, Eskens is also a 100% service partner for this manufacturer

WEBER Waagenbau & Wägeelektronik GmbH
Weber is a German family business that builds bagging machines and big bag filling systems. They work for several large German chemical companies, but also have tailor-made machines for an SME.

This English company makes filling installations for liquids, paints and inks. They are very flexible in their product composition and can design and manufacture both small filling modules and fully automated filling lines.



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