Filter-Technics is the specialist for all industrial filters. We discuss, analyze and optimize the filter processes in your company and we ensure higher efficiency and more efficient operation of your installations and processes. Whether it’s air filtration, liquid filtration, compressed air filters, hydraulic filters, water filters, oil filters, fuel filters, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, panel filters, candle filters, bag filters or other, Filter-Technics is your specialized partner in this matter.

We are a one-stop supplier for all your filtration products which offers great advantages: Total Filtration Management reduces total cost of ownership, simplifies the purchasing process and ensures that your filtration installations are optimally maintained and up-to-date in terms of technology and regulation.

We are the official partner for AAF, Amazon, Altair, Baldwin, Deltrian, Donaldson, Eaton, Fleetguard, Filtrec, Internormen, Losma, Mann, Parker, Plenty, R+B and many others.





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