TAMAR Rotary shaft sealing systems


Klinkenberg Zaanstad B.V. from Krommenie expands its cooperation with “TAMAR Innovative sealing technology”. For Klinkenberg, TAMAR is the partner that is unbeatable on rotary equipment sealing technology. Due to the close and good cooperation, Klinkenberg, together with TAMAR, has decided to take care of the representation of the TAMAR seal equipment for the Benelux.

Klinkenberg Engineering statement, “Tamar is; High-level technological development.” Where the right culture and passion for rotary sealing technology prevails.

TAMAR specializes in the development and production of reliable and cost-effective rotary shaft sealing systems.
With more than 30 years of experience in the sealing industry, TAMAR has managed to successfully install thousands of seals worldwide.

The patented sealing technology is the best technology under harsh conditions where an average seal fail.

The TAMAR seal is an easy to use and interchangeable with all rotary equipment. The sealing medium can be replaced in 2 minutes without having to stop the machine, another additional advantage is that there is virtually no compressed air consumption, which reduces compressed air costs to almost zero. By making the seals divisible, the time span of downtime will be reduced to a minimum during planned maintenance.


The Tamar seal is not like any other mechanical seal. There are NO SEALING SURFACES OR SPRINGS and there are no parts that could break in the cartridge.

The Tamar sealing technology combines all the advantages of conventional sealing methods to create a synergistic solution that contains eight layers of leakage protection.

The result is Zero leakage even under extreme conditions of dry running, high temperatures, aggressive and abrasive powders and is good at compensating for skew and run outs of rotating shafts.




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