Innovative optical sorting solution


Solution de tri optique innovante

Better than the human eye: CIMBRIA optical sorters use the most advanced and reliable technology for sorting granular products in all sectors. The high-resolution full-color and infrared cameras guarantee the detection and removal of all foreign objects, such as stones, wood and glass.
They also ensure the separation of non-compliant and unwanted granules.
The result is a pure product, optimum yield and maximum quality. The CIMBRIA sorting solutions therefore amply meet the high quality requirements in the grain and seed processing industry, the food sector, plastics, chemistry, recycling sector, etc.
As of October 2022, the optical sorters from CIMBRIA have been added to the delivery program of TBMA Belgium. TBMA Belgium is already the official distributor and service center of CIMBRIA Moduflex loading chutes in Belgium.



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