Tallpack sells first ‘Automatic Sheet dispenser’ in Belgium and makes process more sustainable


Practical application steel producer:

Automatically cutting and placing extra long (300cm) Grip Sheets from a roll, as anti-slip material to prevent scratches, when stacking aluminium roofing.

More sustainable process:

The steel producer has thus taken a major step in further improving sustainability in its packaging process. The Grip Sheets are cut to size (no residual waste), 100% recyclable and already made from recycled paper.

Load securing:

The use of Grip Sheets helps to considerably improve the stability of pallet-based loads. It reduces damage to your products, at a low unit price, while sheets can also be reused. Ideal for automatic processing in palletizing systems and robot stackers. Also help to improve safety when handing pallets.

Cut’n Grip | Automatic Sheet dispenser:

The Cut’n Grip is a sheet dispenser and cutting machine in one and is suitable for automatically cutting large volumes of Grip Sheets/paper/cardboard/PE/PET from a roll. Adding a Cut’n Grip Sheet dispenser is the next logical step in packaging processes where top sheets are placed on stacked products. Production flexibility can also be increased by incorporating the Cut’n Grip into the packaging process. The Cut’n Grip is extremely easy to operate and can be integrated into the controls of new or existing robot palletizers or sliding-plate palletizers with a top sheet manipulator.

Tallpack wants to meet the needs of the market when, for example, cutting Grip Sheets, as well as PE, PET and cardboard, with thickness of up to 250 gr/m2 and placing them on pallets or products, both manually and automatically.

Tallpack offers you the best possible advice and uses its testing equipment to provide an insight into the real added value of tertiary packaging for the stability of your pallets.





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