SmartPick automatic debagging & recipe preparation


SmartPick automatic debagging & recipe preparation

SmartPick is a robotic cell where bags are de-palletized and opened with a cutting system and it is composed of :

* One or more fix pallet stations or roller conveyors to make pallet enter the robot area
* One multiaxial anthropomorphic robot that, thanks to a patented gripping head equipped with
sensors system and to SmartPick-AT software, can recognize, depalletize and pick one bag at a time
* One or more bag cutting and emptying station (bag cutting hopper)
* One or more compacting units for empty bags
* Dedicated SmartPick-AT software with a simple and intuitive interface


* depalletizes and cuts bags in automatic mode from one or more pallet positioned in one or more cutting stations.
* manages, stores, sets recipes.
* manages the traceability of raw material.
* manages pallet call from the storehouse.
* is protected by five patents which include bag-cutter system, bag gripping, bag cleaning, bag opening/cutting, bag emptying, and software.
* Is the only bag-opening / bag-emptying system in the world certified by several multinational corporations for food, baby food, and pharma
* has been approved by ASL as the solution to overcome problems coming from bag handling and exposure to powders.
* is easy to clean (production change involves only suction of a hopper) and by installing more hoppers
* is modular and can be configured to handle from 1 to 20 pallet at the entry side and as many emptying stations.

The robotic depalletization system has been created to handle bags and it has been also adjusted for the handling of boxes and palletized drums, in order to put the contents into the process quickly and safely





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