Mobile feeder/stacker
For soil and other bulk materials

Unload directly from dump trucks
Feed directly into ships, barges, road trucks, train wagons, etc.
Stack onto higher piles with less footprint

Reduce transloading time/cost
Regulate material flow
Control dumping position

Suitable for various kinds of bulk materials including soil
Use where needed: move from site to site on low-bed trailer

Up to 500 tons/hour with standard 1400mm outfeed belt conveyor= 20 standard 25T truckloads each hour = 3 min./truck

Large hopper capacity for fast unloading
Huge dumping range due to combination of telescopic and >180° revolving outfeed conveyor allowing easy load spreading

Developed for difficult handling materials such as wet soil
No funnels or narrowing for clog free operation
Optional : rake drum

Extendable tracks for extra stability and on-site maneuverability
Mobile during operation

Onboard power source for (un-)loading and positioning
Electrical powered conveyor belts
User friendly control system





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