20 - 21 November 2024

Antwerp expo

Smart Badge technologie

Smart badge

How to use your visitor badge?

  1. At each booth, you will see one or more green panels. Are you interested in an exhibitor and their products? Touch the reader on the green panel with your visitor badge. You’ll know your action was successful when you hear a beep and the reader lights up green.
  2. The day after your visit, you will receive one email with an overview of all the collected information and some recommendations from exhibitors that may also be of interest to you.

Your benefits

  1. Your visitor badge is your virtual bag during your visit to the trade fair. No more carrying heavy catalogs or taking notes.
  2. You’ll know exactly which stands you’ve visited. You’ll receive an email afterwards with a handy overview of your visit.
  3. No spam. You’ll only receive digital information from exhibitors in whom you’ve shown interest.
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