20 - 21 November 2024

Antwerp expo

Frequently asked questions about Solids

Find your answers:

Yes. Connect to the network ‘Antwerp Expo’.

Yes. At the entrance to Solids, there is a guarded checkroom where you can leave your belongings for a fee. Don’t forget to pick up your belongings at the end of your visit. The checkroom closes at the same time as the fair.

Otherwise, the same rules apply as in all public places: don’t leave anything unattended or security will pick it up. And watch your belongings: we are not responsible for theft or damage.

Yes. Throughout the exhibition halls you can find catering points. During your visit, enjoy a break with breakfast, lunch, snacks,…

Yes. By showing your visitor’s badge, you can get back in easily.

Lost something and still at Antwerp Expo? Please report to the Easyfairs Business Point. If you are already home, please let us know via brix.hatia@easyfairs.com

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