20 - 21 November 2024

Antwerp expo

Which booth formula best suits my business?


This all-in booth requires a functional booth to present your equipment and conduct professional business. Your first goal is to establish contacts and collect leads.


You would like to have a prominent presence through the All-in Plus booth. In addition to collecting leads and making new contacts, you want to receive your relations appropriately in a more spacious set-up that exudes your corporate identity.


EasyGo simplifies your participation

EasyGo replaces Online 365 and offers new features based on the latest developments in digital marketing technology.

It is part of Easyfairs’ standard offering, but we give you the choice depending on your goals: better visibility or more leads. Or maybe you want both? In that case, we recommend an upgrade to GoPlus to improve your visibility and collect more leads, along with a prominent display of your logo during the event.

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